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21 signs you’re an INFJ personality type {INFJ Refuge images}


That’s why you prefer to stay inside with your stuffed animal collection. But even enjoying your own company requires some basic hygiene. Wash up with Soap for Introverts, a handcrafted b

but my body was like a harp and [your] words and gestures were like fingers running upon the wires

This,,, I can just see you and Yoongi living a life with all these little aspects and it would be so perfect omfg

Um, should I be worried if I'm both?

I am litterally both lol, I actually write stories and poems, lol so yah I can actually see the me in both of these descriptions



Full introversion comic strung together

Before You Label Someone "Anti-Social," You Should Probably Understand What It's Like To Be An Introvert. SOMEONE BLESS THIS PERSON --This is totally me.and I rarely feel that people understand that, mostly at work.