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pope's helicopter

The Holy Bible–The 4 Horses In The Book Of Revelation

Benedict XVI and the Vatican left on his last day as Pope.

Brazilian Navy Agusta-Bell AB-206B JetRanger III

Brazilian Navy Agusta-Bell AB-206B JetRanger III

The many shades of black by Neil O'Connell on 500px

The many shades of black: Westland Apache at Duxford. Photo by Neil O'Connell, on

These eerie pictures show all that remains of a fleet of World War II fighter   planes. The rotting planes lie derelict at an abandoned aeroplane graveyard   in Newbury, Ohio, amongst overgrown foliage and scrap metal. The haunting   images were captured by 24-year-old photographer, Jonny Joo, from Ohio, who   has made a name for himself by venturing into long-abandoned places.

In pictures: World War II fighter aircraft rot in abandoned plane graveyard

Hidden amid the foliage and scrap metal, abandoned fleet of WWII fighter planes lie rotting in the backwoods of Ohio Planes were lovingly.

Bird Life: USAF Bell UH-1N "Iroquois"

After the accidental killing of two innocent al Qaeda hostages in a drone aircraft strike, the GAO says US drone pilots need better training.

Westland Lynx

Lynx Wildcat with a Mount Whitney class command ship of US Navy in the background