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Photo of the Day: Squabbling Seabirds | Smithsonian

from BBC News

Your pictures of Scotland: 12 to 19 December

no matter what Kind of bird and way of art; i adore those dark, round, big and sparkling eyes.

Fancy seeing more of this small in stature, but big in personality little chap in your garden? Wrens look for places with lots of lovely nest sites and plenty of tasty insects to snack on, so grow dense thickets, make log piles, plant hedges where you can and cloak walls and fences with climbers, preferably over a trellis #homesfornature Photo by Lloyd Spitalnik

Atlantic Puffin stalling as it comes in to land on the Farne Islands, Northumberland, England

from the Guardian

BirdGuides Photo of the Year 2009

Puffin on approach. Flaps down. Wheels down. Eyes on the bubble. Ought to be a smooth landing with din-din for da babies, I'd surmise.

The Old Stand-Pipe by Terance James Bond

European Robin, Rødkælk, Rødhals, bird, beauty, cute, nuttet, photo

from The Independent

World's rarest bird pictures: A dance in search of a partner

Kakapo, large, flightless, nocturnal, ground dwelling parrot of New Zealand. Critically endangered, estimated 130 left. Has a highly developed sense of smell.

Robins are my favourite birds - I have two visit me every year which is lovely :) #MyInterfloraChristmas

Pied Wagtail. It's very strange but I always see these birds on the car park at my local shopping centre. They are such lovely birds to be in such a man made environment.