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Life on Teesside: Final day of our dip into the Mirror's picture archive

What taking a bath looked like in 1908.  #vintagephotos #history

PERSONAL CARE, CHILDREN: Taking a bath. 1908 - Notice the lid on the tub. The tub has two sinks. Baby is washed in one; clothes in the other. But, baby is wearing a shirt of sorts.

gypseatree:  The Gypsea Tree Archives---This looks like my great  Grandmother  , Annie Traskey Lightfoot LATE 1800'S . This family emigrated from Bohemia.

From NYPL Digital Gallery A Gypsy Family Photographer Augustus Francis Ellis Island Portraits

ollebosse:    FRESH GYPSY

bohemian boho style hippy hippie chic bohème vibe gypsy fashion indie folk look outfit

French Gypsies

French Gypsies Playing Music and Watching Dancing Boy

BBC - History - The iceberg that sank Titanic http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/topics/iceberg_sank_titanic

History in Moments on

"London street scene, A newsboy holds a broadside reading, "Titanic Disaster Great Loss of Life." " {studied the Titanic - watching the movie, reading books at the library}

America, 1870

Merrily assists her landlady with her laundry service. // A Victorian woman and young girl hard at work on the family's laundry,

vintage everyday: Vintage Photos of Circus Performers from 1890s-1910s - Female Clown

vintage everyday: Vintage Photos of Circus Performers from - Female Clown

Women in the beginning of the last century.

A Crinoline shop. A crinoline is a stiffened petticoat or skirt-shaped structure designed to support the skirts of a woman's dress