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How to use PPA's judging guidelines to improve your photography

lines don't need to be straight to add some interest - a short article to explain

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Here Come Da Judge, Here Come Da Judge…

Brad Trent Photography - image of William B. Chandler, former judge and current…

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Which Big Bang Theory Non-Geeks are You?

Through the people I met and the lessons I learned, my mind will continue to grow and be open. From the sights to see and things I've experienced, my eyes will be open as well.

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The Godfather: Part II (1974)

Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) The Godfather - head of the 'family business' which is an Italian mob organization he forged migrating to the United States. He raises his children under strict guidlines and mafia rules. One of my father's inspirations for quotes and guidelines: "Never tell anyone outside the Family what you are thinking."

Mandrills are the largest of all monkeys. They are shy and reclusive primates that live only in the rain forests of equatorial Africa. These colorful primates are threatened. They are often hunted as bushmeat, and many Africans consider them to be a delicacy. Mandrills are feeling the squeeze of spreading agriculture and human settlement—both are shrinking their rain forest homeland.


How to write a kickass Instagram Bio

How to write a kickass Instagram Bio — Buzzing Creatives


17 Adorable Animals Who Are Probably Plotting To Kill You…

Do you remember the evil, plotting Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, famous for his maniacal one liner of “Excellent…“? That’s exactly who these animal (who are plotting your demise as we speak) remind me of. They may not mean to expose their true intentions with their insidious expressions, but alas…they don’t have the best poker faces, and it may end up foiling their nefarious plans.

I hope that everyone who took advantage of our 3-Part Photography Service Pricing Series found the worksheets useful. Keep in mind that these are only a guideline to help you determine the minimum ...