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Excuse me, bass is a FANTASTIC INSTRUMENT. Of course it makes you feel better! Seriously I hear the word bass and I just go all bassist on the world.

I wish making friends was as easy as it is in the Sims. Like you just walk up to some random person and talk about cats. Boom best friends.

It took Grim a while to get the hang of the easy let-down. His early attempts left a little something to be desired: "Lucy just got a letter in the mail from Grim Reaper! It says: 'You're sweet, but I just discovered that my sock drawer is in complete disarray and I'm going to be dealing with that for a while, so....'" #SimsGoneWrong

I did that had twins My sim had pink and blue hair dye The twins were both born with blue and pink hair dye any way sooooo true

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