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The composer Feodor Pratsu plays the jouhikko in Koirinoja, Karelia, 1916. Photo by A. O. Väisänen. The jouhikko is a traditional Finnish and Karelian music instrument,

Picture of Sutton-Hoo Lyre or a saxon lyre

Ancient Music ~ Kate & Corwen's Homepage - Stringed Instruments (Alamanic Lyre, Bowed Lyre ~ Finnish Jouhikko, Bowed Lyre ~ Shetland Gue, Baltic Psaltery ~ Finnish Kantele, and Baltic Psaltery ~ Slavic/Russ Gusli)

"A lur, also lure or lurr, is a long natural blowing horn without finger holes that is played by embouchure. Lurs can be straight or curved in various shapes. The purpose of the curves was to make long instruments easier to carry (e.g. for marching, like the modern sousaphone) and to prevent directing the loud noise at nearby people." ~ A modern wooden lur from Norway.

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