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Mexico 'discovers' 1.4 Million Black Mexicans—they Just Had to Ask

The history of Afro-Mexicans is deeply woven into the country's colonial past.

The Treaty of Versailles was what ended war with Germany, requiring them to pay for the damages of WW1, forcing them to disarm their military, and accept responsibility for causing the war. This map shows how the Treaty created nine new nations as well, now that the Central Powers had to surrender their colonies to the Allies.

"The Mad Scramble for Africa" I have used this cartoon in my world history classes for several years- I ask students to complete a political cartoon assessment in order to determine what the scramble for Africa entailed, and then discuss whether neo-colonization still exists today.

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Website reveals secrets of convicts sent to Australia

Convicts being transported To Australia. Australia became the politically expedient safety valve for Britain's overpopulated jails. These were fit to burst after American colonies slammed the door on British deportees after the American War of Independence in 1776. In 1787, the first 11 ships carrying convicts to Australia – known as the First Fleet – set sail for New South Wales, arriving eight months later.

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