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"Piggyback"...hand pulled collagraph print inspired by my 2 daughters and their inseparable friendship...even in college far apart from each other, they are the best of friends.

new jewelry line...hand pulled collagraph prints set in hand crafted bronze and silver bezels...embellished with beautiful semiprecious stones and unique beads.

White Sand Dunes collagraph print set in hand crafted jewelry. Sterling silver and amazonite, jade and fresh water pearls. emenlu.com

Three of my favorite places to hike. The mountains, along a stream and on the shoreline. Signed handpulled collagraph prints set in hand cast bronze or silver bezels and embellished with semi precious stones and unique beads! http://emenlu.com/emenlu-jewelryemilyennulat-lustine/

A hand pulled collagraph print of my favorite lovely "Old Willow" in our local park embellished with autumn tourmaline and yellow opals

Infant on His Lap hand pulled collagraph print set in hand crafted jewelry adorned with semi precious gems and beads. emenlu.com

New collection of hand pulled collagraph prints set in hand crafted jewelry! emenlu.com

Here I hold the collagraph plate that is inked to pull the original print that I either frame or set into hand made jewelry. I love my tabletop etching press! http://emenlu.com/

Tiny collagraph prints available framed and incorporated into hand crafted jewelry! emenlu.com

Collagraph prints created by Emily Ennulat-Lustine. Miniature hand pulled prints set in hand crafted jewelry as well! www.emenlu.com

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