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No Ius Soli, and https://freewordandfriendsworld.com/2017/06/16/no-ius-soli-particularly-now-in-times-of-easy-flights-and-illegal-migration-the-only-way-not-to-let-the-country-dissolve-is-the-ius-sanguinis-plus-why-italy-must-exit-both-eurozone-and-single-marke/

No Ius Soli, particularly now in times of easy flights and illegal migration, the only way not to let the country dissolve is the Ius Sanguinis, plus why Italy must exit both eurozone and Single Market.

The church of Sweden is the worst: the most disgusting https://freewordandfriendsworld.com/2016/12/12/dear-fellows-westerners-maybe-its-about-time-we-change-religion-the-churches-are-trying-to-sell-us-out/

Dear Fellows Westerners, maybe it’s about Time we change Religion, the churches are trying to sell us out.

Rex Tillerson Secretary of State https://freewordandfriendsworld.com/2016/12/13/trump-is-doing-well-now-its-time-the-right-wing-press-to-support-him-and-shield-him-from-the-losers-donald-trump-names-pro-russian-exxonmobil-boss-rex-tillerson-us-secretary-of-state/

Trump is doing well, now it’s time the Right wing press to support him and shield him from the losers: Donald Trump names pro-Russian ExxonMobil boss Rex Tillerson US secretary of state

If they kill the Presdient then I require a civil war https://freewordandfriendsworld.com/2017/01/14/obama-is-the-vilest-person-in-the-world-not-only-he-gave-orders-to-baltimore-police-to-stand-down-during-the-riots-to-help-and-give-place-to-the-rioters-now-hes-actively-plotting-against-president/

Obama is the vilest person in the world. Not only he gave orders to Baltimore Police to stand down during the riots to help and give place to the rioters, now he’s actively plotting against President-elect removing his protection during the swearing.

Fillon and his slogan "The courage of the Truth" https://freewordandfriendsworld.com/2017/03/03/the-french-must-have-really-the-courage-of-the-truth-the-judges-are-really-politically-moved-why-do-you-think-they-put-the-process-on-the-15th-of-march-the-timing-is-impressive-and-if-you-let-t/

The French must really have “The courage of the Truth”, the Judges ARE politically moved, why do you think they put the process on the of March? The timing is impressive and if you let them do you’ll end up like Italy or worse in

If Cameron wants war, Corbyn will let him do. At british soldiers expenses. http://freewordandfriendsworld.com/2015/12/01/if-the-uk-wants-war-itll-have-a-real-one/

If the UK wants a war this time it’ll have a real one.

Brexit on course https://freewordandfriendsworld.com/2017/06/12/brexit-on-course-single-market-to-be-rightly-ditched-and-sovereignty-to-be-restored-hard-brexit-and-brexit-basically-are-the-same/

Prime Minister declares war on firms like BHS in watered-down plans to hit 'irresponsible' business