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This Meltdown Guide was created to help those of you who are in love with people who struggle with anxiety and depression, feel like you can actually be helpful when your partner seems to be spiral…

When Your Partner Has Anxiety: A Meltdown Guide

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Explained In 7 Minutes

The history of the Federal Reserve. Lack of Accountability, Transparency, and Responsibility. Group of Elite Bankers, in the form of shareholders (members), .

Jeb Bush celebrates Hanukkah and runs for president

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush announced Tuesday that he has decided to "actively explore" a 2016 presidential run and will create a political action committee next month to help "facilitate conversations with citizens across America.

September 24, 2016

Read George W. Bush’s speech at the African American Museum, 13 years after signing the bill to build it

Now we know why people like Lois Lerner (IRS), James Clapper (NSA), John Koskinen (IRS), Eric H. Holder, Jr. (DoJ), Todd Y. Park (HealthCare.gov) lied so blatantly in their hearings. They knew they were protected by this law, buried in the books.

Rand Paul introduces bill to undo Obama's immigration order - Preventing Executive Overreach on Immigration Act

Not that there's a difference in how evil both were. But it's terrible how much more death in the modern world.

Why do Obama/Muslim supporters not get this? Christians are just as violent as Muslims?