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On a scale of 1-10 for hardest life for the Seven, I would give Annabeth 8, Leo 9, Percy 7, Piper 4, Jason 5, Frank 6, Hazel 9 (because of the whole thing of actually feeling death), and Nico (because he is sort of helping...) gets an 8.

Frank shoul be here too! Why is everyone forgetting about Frank? and why does everyone favor nico?? :( <----- because Nico is ADORABLE and in so much pain. But you're right, Frank should be here.

Percabeth wedding..............no I wasn't planning to do anything tonight...I was just going to sit in my room and obsess over this

Person: "she really needs to sorry out her priorities" me: "what are you taking about? My priorities are as straight as Nico di Angelo" hahaha

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