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Art by compoundbreadd on deviantART. So I just finished TLO again and at the underwater kiss I just rolled over with a drakon size smile on my face and went "I'm melting!" It's the best feeling ever.

Anyone wanna rp? I'll be Harry... Comment if you do!

Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson crossover. Multifandom HP THG PJO<--- is it just me or does Katniss look super short?


I've always wondered if they'd make a Percy Jackson cartoon out of the books. << they have actually, I’ve read a comic book of the Lost Hero

This makes me think of the scene in Harry Potter #4 when Hermione says to Fred and George, "It's not going to wo-ork!"

makes me think of a line from MOA: "He looked like a green-eyed baby seal" XD

I actually thought of the Gone series...

Simpsons did it!

Thought of the Simpson's movie


Perfect leo fanart whoever did this should get a reward like the biggest art reward in the world