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Atene brucia dopo l'annuncio del nuovo piano di austerity

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Random Inspiration #17

That is so what it feels like right now.

Austerity CUT backs affect nature too as wildlife protection officers etc face drastic number reductions as are easy targets for cost savings

Interesting piece by Krugman on "austerity", why it's not needed as background fro extracts 1, 2. A long read but worth it for context.


Spain's Royal family cut budget for first time in history

The Spanish Royal family is to cut its budget for the first time in history as…

from The Independent

George Osborne got rather flustered trying to explain why he's cutting £1.2bn in disability benefits

George Osborne has defended his decision to use cuts in disability benefits to fund tax breaks for the middle class. Appearing on the Andrew Marr show, he was asked about his decision to cut Personal Independence Payments currently made to over 640,000 disabled people in a bid to save some £1.2bn.

from BBC News

Housing bodies welcome end of Right to Buy in Scotland

Housing bodies have welcomed the formal end of the "right to buy" scheme in Scotland. Nearly 500,000 council and housing association homes were sold under the policy, which was introduced by Margaret Thatcher's government in 1980. It allowed tenants in social housing to buy their homes at discounted rates. MSPs voted to scrap the measure in 2014 following concerns that it had contributed to an acute shortage of social housing. Right to buy schemes are still operating in the rest of the…

To rub our noses in it properly, we pay them for the privilege: grouse moors are subsidised by us. At the height of his austerity programme, as essential public services were cut to the bone, David Cameron’s government raised the subsidy for grouse moors by 84%, to £56 per hectare. Some owners now harvest hundreds of thousands of pounds of our money every year.