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The Road to Tomorrow photographer unknown

Road into the sunset. the road to my hay field. Love my old roads !

Патагония, Аргентина / Patagonia, Argentina -----  Присылайте свои фото в Direct, лучшие будут опубликованы / Send your photos in Direct. The best photos will be published.   Отмечайте друзей под фото (@...) / Tap your friends (@...)

That is really my kind of road trip: amazing high snow covered peaks and nobody on the easy well maintained road :-) - Road to El Chalten, a small mountain village in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina.


This picture is like a metaphor for life. i think it represents the long roads we walk in life and how we have an idea of whats over the next hill but we don't know for sure.

Coffeenuts : we're on the road to nowhere

Motorcycle Memes, Biker Quotes, or Rules of the Road - they are what they are. A Biker's way of life.

https://flic.kr/p/jF8yYu | Peru

Inca Path, Peru by Ramin Hossaini - (I've been to Machu Picchu, but I took the train and the bus.

Alaska, long road, by Marc Riboud 1958

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