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EWoT: Moiraine Damodred Moiraine Damodred (pronounced: mwah-RAIN DAHM-oh-drehd) was born in the year 956 NE in Cairhien, the youngest daughter of Dalresin Damodred, a scholar, and his second wife whose name is unknown. She also goes by the name "Alys."

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Yellow Ajah

The most obvious elemental trait of a light mage is the ability to produce a luminescent golden light that does not harm through producing heat - such as a fire mage can - but can temporarily blind and disorientates opponents.:

If Alva had become queen of Mallum - maybe she has nightmares of this, of being trapped inside a future she didn't choose. #raven queen

Scátthach, the Scottish Warrior Goddess: According to P.Monaghan Scátthach was an Irish Heroine who Lived on Island Made For Her; Isle of Skye in Scotland. She Taught Warriors but in order to get to her they had to pass the Bridge of the Cliff, an extremely challenging task (that even brought Cúchulann to brink as he performed his salmon leap to gain entry). ~Repinned Via Scáthach

Virgo, there is more to you than what you appear to be, and only a select few will get to see that certain depth that you hide. You may not show a lot of emotion outwardly, but you are pretty sensitive to what others think. You can be detached and hard to