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Aes Sedai and The Wheel of Time

Moiraine Sedai from Wheel of Time

Jason Chan's cover art for the ebook release of Robert Jordan's "New Spring". I love his subtle use of digital imaging effects to enhance the mood of the image. Beautifully considered composition as well. I love the belly-in-the-grass viewpoint, which makes tiny Moiraine loom imposingly; it is a nice touch.

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Moiraine Damodred

EWoT: Moiraine Damodred Moiraine Damodred (pronounced: mwah-RAIN DAHM-oh-drehd) was born in the year 956 NE in Cairhien, the youngest daughter of Dalresin Damodred, a scholar, and his second wife whose name is unknown. She also goes by the name "Alys."

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"x Lan and Moiraine from the Wheel of Time" by Jeremy Saliba

Robert Jordan - Wheel of Time Art :: Jeremy Saliba, artist :: Lan and Moiraine

WOT Moiraine by on @DeviantArt. Lady Moiraine Damodred, Aes Sedia of the Blue Ajah. Art by Ariel B.

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Wheel of Time

Moraine Damodred by David E [©2013]