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Paradoxical Gypsy

Illuminated Manuscripts - Art is You - Australian Mixed Media Art Retreats

The ancient celts, druids, magicians of long ago knew and understood this well: That innate Intelligence and nature's Intelligence are woven together. This is alchemy and is an understanding of the matrix of life, of which the body is a part=made of the same elements as the earth.

Someone labeled this Wicca, but I believe it's Pagan as many of us, not just Wiccans, believe in this.Wicca wasnt a "religion" until the

Contribution to Alicia Caudle's  book "The Museum of Forgotten Things" by Debrina Altered Creations http://debrinaaltered.blogspot.com/2010/02/cover-page.html

By definition Redux means "Brought back; Used postpositively" In other words.a totally awesome Altered Book Round Robin Collaboration!