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Tension pneumothorax: Every unit especially neonatal unit, must always be prepared for putting in an underwater seal drainage in developing pneumothorax. It takes a pack of 4 artery forceps, 1 knife, 1 pair of scissors, 1 needle holder, 1 ampule of local anaesthetic, few gaze pieces, some pyodine, small under water seal bottle and a chest tube (Size 10F nasogastric tube will suffice) in the pack.. EVERY ONE SHOULD (not only the surgeons) LEARN TO PUT UNDEWATER SEAL DRAIN. Professor Naeem…

Chest Tubes.....hard but worth getting that fluid out of the chest cavity....Ory recently had 3. Part of CF life

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9 Memes That Sum Up Your Finals Experience

We all know how hectic finals can be, but a little humor can go a long way when it comes to relieving stress! Whether you’re just wrapping up your finals week or are still in the midst of studying, here are some of our favorite memes about finals to help get you through it! 1.

Looking For A Vein... I need that wee light!!

maslows hierarchy of needs updated

This is my Husband to a tee!!