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Going to the movie theater is so much better now…

ok, so this barista isn't very smart...but onto the bigger point, why do people feel the need to spell their names at Starbucks?? I've worked at Starbucks, we don;t care how you spell your name, we just need something to yell out.

This hula hooper has taken all the precautions…

"Don't touch my hula-Hop " Someone locked their hula-hoop to a bike rack: | The 30 Most Portland Things That Have Ever Happened In Portland - Lol Not Surprising at All

based on actual encounter ...Officer: "yall know yall were about to walk in the street here?" Linebacker Chris G.: "im sorry osifer i didn't know it was illegal to walk at night!" good times good times

Look who grew up…

The guy with the 9 on his shirt is sticking out his right arm. Nobody's arm can be that long. Cmon people. Use some common sense. The kid has his arm by the ground and someone is under the table with their arm on the table. Even I know that and I'm 11

Troll Award

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