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Laced Boots, c1890; Fine grade leather (calfskin), brass nails, canvas lining. Label: Stamped on sole: 10 1/2 E; stamped in ink on lining: 10 1/2, 3895 and 02. Measurements: 8" L; 2 1/4" W; 5 5/8" H including 3/8" heel. Comments: Leather has a marvelous patina and rich color on these museum quality children's boots. Workmanship and design are of the highest standard.

Image 1 of 2: Dress, 1820–29, American: cotton Dimensions: Length at CB (a): 27 in. Length at CB (b): 33 in.

French lace christening robe #2, ca. 1860-80 ... photo courtesy the Metropolitian Museum of Art costume collection

1845–50, American, wool, cotton: Length at CB: 18 in. This is a very high-styled, hand-sewn infant's dress mimicking the fashionable 1840s V-shaped gather bodice configuration from center front shirring. It is finely finished in all aspects including the well-sewn integral lining, the self ruffles with binding at the edges, and the fine piping around the neck. The lightweight sheer wool of the dress is known as albatross, so named because it is soft as the underbelly of the albatross.

1840–60: French; cotton, silk. Length at CB 37 in. Christening ceremonies were elaborate affairs. This infant’s dress is a particularly beautiful example with fine embroidery and detail work, such as the pintucking at the bodice. It is unusual to have a non-washable fabric, such as silk, as the lining for a child's dress, which shows the wearer was a member of a prominent family.

Young boy's formal suit, c1776; Cutaway jacket of navy wool with brass buttons, lace cuff flounces, pink silk and wool blend flannel-lined knee britches, W 22", Jacket CBL 22.5"

1840–45, American, silk: Length at CB: 20 in. This dress follows the style of women's dresses of the 1840s, which had a V-shaped gathering on the front and a relatively low waist. The garment is beautifully made out of high quality silk with considerable detailing, including a faux oversleeve and undersleeve. The piping at the edges creates an interesting stylistic effect. The dress is in its original form without any apparent changes.

This exceptional bodice dates to the Victorian 1890’s and is fashioned of a rich patterned striped French silk jacquard with massive balloon puffs atop the shoulders, fitted bottom sleeves with stiff buckram lined bottom cuffs trimmed in metallic braid and small shimmering sequins that matches the trimming of the high band collar. The collar hooks closed at a dart point, fully boned in the interior and lined in polished cotton. The only flaw is that several small sequins are absent and a…