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Single Women Are America’s Most Quietly Explosive Social Force

Early in her new book All the Single Ladies, Rebecca Traister writes, “The story of single women is the story of the country.” Unmarried women, she arg ...

It Can't Happen Here (Signet Classics): Sinclair Lewis, Michael Meyer, Gary Scharnhorst: 9780451465641: Books

It’s a myth, that ever elusive perfect butt, or is it? Swimsuit season is here but it’s not too late. Give this squat challenge a try. Wanna build those glutes, this is the key to booty nirvana. Anyone can do this at home or at work or

Can Confessional Writing be Literary?

By Kelly Sundberg When I defended my MFA thesis—a collection of linked personal essays—one of my committee members, the only woman on my committee, said to me, “So many women have been traumatized …

How Chris McCandless Died

New evidence to what killed Chris McCandless (Whose story became the basis for the book 'Into the Wild').

Recently, I transitioned from a world of transnational literary criticism into a…

You should take 15 mins to listen to this old man's thoughts on life.

Take 5 minutes out of your day to listen to this 93-year-old man’s life advice. on

Is there any book, written by someone else, that you wish you’d written? This is an impossible question, I think. The books I admire could not have been written by anyone else but the person who wrote them. That is often part of what is so fine about them – how they emerge from that particular sensibility, background, philosophical orientation. There are more than a few books that make me want to write my own version of them – which is perhaps what you really mean – and maybe I’ll try it…

Allergic to America