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Willowynn doll group. Available from www.willowynn.com from 28th February.

This little group will be listed in my online store from (Sydney time), on Tuesday February.

16 декабря состоялось открытие крупнейшей мировой кукольной выставки 'Искусство куклы' в Гостином дворе. Провела там почти весь день с фотоаппаратом наперевес :) Фоторезультатами хочу с вами поделиться... У меня оценочного алгоритма на таких выставках нет, вернее, он переходит в режим 'выкл'. Потому как там царят только субъективное 'нраааааавится' и 'ну, в общем-то, неплохо', совершенно независимо от степени профессионализма...

The exhibition "Art Dolls" in Gostiny Dvor - Fair Masters - handmade, handmade

Blank Doll BODY is 17 inches (42 cm) tall .  Fabric doll body is made of linen without stuffing material.  This blank, cloth doll body is ready to stuff.  These pre-made doll bodies are perfect if you wish to make the art doll but dont have the time to make the body. The blank doll bodies are ready for your own creativity. You can personalize them by adding your choice of hair and clothing.  Price is for ONE doll body.

Blank Doll BODY for crafting - handmade doll- PreSewn and Stuffed Blank Doll Body - premade doll- cloth doll body

Textile doll, Tilda doll ,Princess Tilda angel,   Cute angel, made of natural materials, cotton. The dress is decorated with natural cotton lace.  Height of 12.5 inches (31 cm).

Etsy の Textile doll Tilda doll Tilda angel by NilaDolss

Hi!  Happy Wednesday everyone!:)  I just wanted to share a bit of good news with you all.  I've been thinking about taking a little break fr...

Happy Wednesday everyone!:) I just wanted to share a bit of good news with you all. I& been thinking about taking a little break fr.