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Zodiac Signs: Top 5 Most Likely To Be Instigators

Zodiac Signs: Top 5 Most Likely To Be Instigators: Gemini, Aquarius, Cancer Zodiac Sign, Sagittarius, Scorpio

I feel like cancer should be a little bit higher, I don't dress that bad

Wow libra is on top and Scorpio is near the bottom. That explains a lot about my…

I honestly can't agree with this. Yes as a Gemini I may come off as a person who doesn't feel much but honestly I care too much about people. I mean I will give a homeless person a $50 bill and a hotel room. And just a few days ago I legit had a funeral for a dead bird I found laying on the ground. So I'm extremely affectionate. Or maybe I got that mixed up with caring? Oh welp.         /(=*.*=)\

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Lmao... This is so true. "Why are you quite?" "You mad" "What are you mad for?" And my response is I'm okay... I'm not upset. Lol knowing that I'm pissed!

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Sagittarius. Prize attention. Power is leadership, leadership, is a chance to make a difference.

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