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Top 5 Natural, Vegan Mascaras! Check out my blog post to see which mascaras are in my top 5 and why!

Being cruelty free doesn't have to be hard! Here's a list of cruelty free companies who have vegan options that you can find at drugstores or Target!

Have you checked out 100 Percent Pure’s new fruit pigmented Lip Caramel lipsticks and Gemmed lip glosses? I can’t wait to try them out. All of the Lip Caramel lip sticks have cute candy names and they are even vanilla caramel flavored! Gemmed lip glosses have the names of real gems and are super glittery from ACTUAL gemstones in them! These natural lippies are $25 each and they’re all vegan friendly (unlike their other lip glosses).*Photo belongs to 100 Percent Pure.

Are you looking for the softest cruelty free & vegan makeup brushes in the world? You have to check out Furless Cosmetics!

FINALLY! Swatches of Trust Fund Beauty’s entire Lipgasm collection! These lipstick shades are MUST HAVES for spring!

Is it too soon to say I’m in love? How gorgeous are these vegan friendly Furless Cosmetics makeup brushes? This is their new Couture Base Essentials Kit! I can’t wait to use them.

How gorgeous is this 100 Percent Pure Sex Kitten palette?! I love that the colors are fruit pigmented, natural, vegan, & cruelty free!