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A Positively Beautiful Blog 2

A Positively Beautiful Blog 2

How to make Christmas felt decorations (Christmas pudding, tree, gingerbread man, heart, star)

How to make Christmas felt decorations (Christmas pudding, tree, gingerbread man, heart, star)DO ON EMBORIDERY HOOP

July 28th Day 1. Pirate! Who'd you like to see today?

Geocaching In History - GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast: Ep.

Cute Photogenic British Longhair Cat called Smoothie

Smoothie Is One Of The World’s Most Popular Cat

Forever home: Orphaned kitten Rey hasn’t been able to stop smiling since she was adopted from a shelter by her Salt Lake City-based family

Meet the precious kitten who looks like she's always smiling

SALT LAKE CITY - The kitten that is going viral for her constant Cheshire smile is from right here in Utah. This "smiley cat" is the complete opposite of grumpy cat. Temma Martin with Best Friends .

Cool places for kitties to go.  Creative Cat Houses and Cool Cat Bed Designs (21) 17

Cat tree your apartment @ Home DIY Remodeling -i've always wanted something like this. Cats need to climb. get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

Even the cat wants to read

field of dreams… (Very cool photo blog)

field of dreams cat. What my Jade would do when I was reading a book!

lohrien: Illustrations by Patricia Ariel  ... | AFA - art for adults

Patricia Ariel who has a project called spirit animals where humans and animals are merged. She has a whole set of different spirit animals

mom jeans - calivintage

mom jeans

high waisted jeans all buttoned loose shirt topknot with center part bangs cat eye oxfords