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Good ideas

Awesome technique for grounding the kids. Make them earn points to be ungrounded.points awarded with chores!

i love this

Louis CK is hilarious, but these are actually good parenting lessons. I need this for my future kids!

Parenting done right

Parenting done right

HAHAHAHAH ohh my god this is so beautiful!>>>> relationship-with-my-mom goals

It's so sad that even little kids think they have to look a certain way to be a boy or a girl

This is adorable, and congrats to this mom for raising her little girl well.>>>this little girl is gorgeous! You go Raven Marie

parenting done right, funny harry potter pictures

Helena Bonham Carter, parenting done right… I love her and her wand.

will/jaden smith----parenting done right.

Funny pictures about Best Embarrassing Dad. Oh, and cool pics about Best Embarrassing Dad. Also, Best Embarrassing Dad photos.

Parenting Done Right...

Parenting Done Right

"I thought I was going to have to tell you to shut your whore mouth." LMAO<That part killed me. "You know how hard it is to get grass stains out?

Not that I agree with this, cause I don't, but I can seriously see James doing this just be embarrassing, in public.

"Son, the neighbors can't see you in a batgirl costume. not until you get on the right skirt and the right crime fighting shoes