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Chewz Brands' #ZapDip and #ZapCubez helps you #PowerUp! Want to know how our bodies "Turn Food Into Energy"?

"The greater reason for practicing forgiveness is that whenever you are merciful, you grow. As you grow you become more blessed & the very things that might harm you or cause you resistance will be given no power. Mercy is the flower of growth." ~ Jeshua ~ Love without End by Glenda Green ♥ Beautiful Art by Toni Carmine Salerno

Sending you unconditional love and healing energy. May you be connected with Mother Earth and Father God, and may unconditional love run through every cell of your being, aligning your energy and chakras. <3 KL xx

Working on Healing

New Blog Post! Working on Healing

The Auras .. so in all this energy healing stuff........ Things you need to know going into in.. The Chakras.. The Meridians.. and the Aura.. here's an image of the auras.. Ps.. I learned how to see the 1st Aura!! It's super easy.. find a mirror stair at your forehead and you will start to see your at least your 1st Aura above your head.. you can do it with any thing as well .. it just cool to work on your self 1st.