Tobias was devastated when he found out about Tris. But he knew that it wasn't her fault she got shot. Tris died when she was trying to get the memory serum. Once she got the memory serum, her and Tobias would both go inside the city and reset everyone's memory, and try to get the city of peace they had always wanted. This improves my understanding because it lets me know that Tris didn't want to leave Tobias, so she wasn't killed on purpose.

People shouldn't make these edits, they hit me in the feels. Allegiant is the saddest book it made me cry I'm so sad she died poor Tobias

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~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~ That would be SO awesome if the did a movie about the book Four! His POV was great.


so like was anyone else kinda confused about the Insurgent trailer? Like did I read the wrong book?