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Ecuadorian art director Javier Perez has created a clever series of illustrations that turn everyday objects into cute drawings. His artwork makes us look at these everyday things differently with a more imaginative and playful perspective.

This still life illustration is very basic yet specifically details the object enough for us to understand the texture of the subject.  The use of line is what engaged me in this, they're a combination of bold lines, fine lines and detailed lines that come together to form the subject's shape, form, some tone and once again that brief aspect of texture where it is due.

I am considering wether to sketch. Perhaps as final image made up of simple yet beautiful sketches.

#Figure Drawing - simple and you can feel the weight...

Gestural drawing- I enjoy the flow and tenderness of the woman's figure. I really enjoy quick sketches of figures

my advanced drawing, figure class. one of the favorite drawings i've done

Amazing figure in motion, I love the colours used and the position of the figure. I think it makes it very striking.

Timi Hayek #fashion #illustration

Eduardo Timi Hayek Fine liner and gouache I like the simple outline defining the figure and the colour to give detail