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Honestly Don't hate me Piper is my favorite character if anybody should die it should be Hazel because Piper is the second most aggressive girl in the whole seven out of three so back off.

LISTEN TO ANNABETH<+++++ some people think I hate piper and Jason but I don't. They're some of my brothers best friends.

Medieval Demigods, Houses Hecate, Iris, and Hypnos, Clovis, Lou Ellen, and Butch.

headbands and pleated skirts. - Medieval Demigods Clovis Lou Ellen and Butch

Baymax and Leo His greatest creation

"I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion." "'Sup big guy?" "I will scan you now." "Don't scan me." "You are in need of a hug." *hugs* *sigh* "Thanks, Baymax." <<< BEST CROSSOVER EVER!

Nico said something about wanting to be at Hazel’s wedding in the books and it all went downhill from there | art by japhers<<<oh my gods XD

Nico wanted to be the flower girl at Frank and hazel's wedding.<<<Um…I believe that's flower BOY, but either way, HAHAHAHAHA!XD I literally cannot stop laughing!