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Direction Zayn,5Sos

Never tell someone it's just a band because to them it will always be more. It means the music that saved her/him. The band members that made them smile when no one else could. It's the family they made. It's the joy, the excitement, the tears, the love, the fans, the dreams.

I love it when 5sos and one direction are together!!! But seriously LIAM!!!! And Calum just looks so happy....I mean I would be too

Hahahaha!! Cake on his shoulder!!! At the end of the Wherever You Are music video when Calum and Luke fell I yelled "CAKE FELL ON THE GROUND" and my mom was like whats wrong with you

Thank you One Direction>> they are not just a band okay? You guys don't understand. They saved my life! You have no idea how much I love them (unless you are a directioner) so you haters just don't understand. When I got my heart broken and wanted to commit suicide somehow by miracle I became a directioner and I was finally happy. They truly saved my life. They were they more than any of you. So just stop hating. They saved me. I'm now the happy me that I used to know thx to one direction…

Right! And it's the same thing for Twenty Øne Piløts, when people say "oh. There's only two of them... I thought there was going to be 21 people in the band." And I'm like no... Just no. *Tyler (from TØP') voice* "excuse me, could you please leave?"

You guys, I can't even explain how accurate this is. I have a friend who is a crazy Directioner and she had this magazine she called the "One Direction Bible" and I just wanted to see what they looked like and what their names were and it got worse from there. #storyofmylife