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"Hey, I wasn't the one that told Cora's about your secret boyfriend." David, "Are you selling me out?" Snow White and "Shut up!" Regina - 4 * 10 "Shattered Sight"

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In case you needed more proof! The latest mugshots that show the ravaging effects of meth and other hard drugs in just a few short months

Here you have some mugshots of drug addicts that use meth, it is part of the project “Faces of Meth” by Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office. Description from I searched for this on

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Chilling report details how Elliot Rodger executed murderous rampage

Chilling report details how Elliot Rodger executed murderous rampage in Isla Vista, California on 05.23.14 Sheriff’s office report reveals plan was months in the making in 2014 attack that left six people dead, not including Rodger, and 14 people wounded The Guardian article posted 02.20.15

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Texas woman killed by dogs - but owner WON'T face charges

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Face it … the drugs don’t work

Faced with an endemic drug problem in the north west of the United States, the Multnomah Sheriff's Office has also produced a heart-wrenching educational documentary to aid in its fight against young people turning to drugs. Deputy King added: "I want to be able to illustrate the connection between that first decision to use drugs and then down the road when it's a horrible mess."