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God has a divine purpose in mind when He calls us to be parents. Dennis Rainey says when he and his wife, Barbara, were first planning their family, he wrongly assumed God was giving them children to raise. But after years of parenting, he realized that the children were to help him finish growing up. Dennis Rainey shares the final installment of lessons learned in 40 years of marriage from a talk he gave to students at Southern Seminary

<p>Sam Ingrassia and his wife had hit a rough patch in their 37-year marriage. But it wasn’t until his wife’s startling comment that he began to wake up to the reality of their spiritual state. Sam tells Dennis Rainey how he and his wife began infusing new life into their marriage by praying together daily. </p>

Remember this and you will not only have raised a child but given someone with a purpose to the world. Someone who can share all the good things you taught them, and share all the good traits that they have grown to have.Motherhood is a sacred role so give it all you've got!

Marriage was created to be more than a mere social construct. The covenantal relationship of marriage was created to reflect our covenant relationship with Christ. Dr. Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, emphasizes the deep spiritual purposes God created for marriage.

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