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Nobody actually knows who Bucky is, only a handful of people and they know him by the Winter Soldier, but only one person in the world actually know knows him, Steve, but when Steve is gone nobody will know who the real Bucky is, not even James Buchanan Barnes himself and that just kills me even more.

"But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams, his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream, his wings are clipped and his feet are tied..." [photographer Victor Schrager]

Breaking the Silence on Twitter: "The Psychopath: they are always the victim, and shame on you for picking up on their lies, cheating & abuse."

That's a African tribe I think Zulu NOT Native American lol "white Indians?)...also we are not some lost tribe "Israelites" when that's not even possible for a whole race of people with way different origins to just go across the globe like magic.

The latest Tweets from Louise The Survivor (@MyKicktheDog). During my horrible marriage - I likened my ex's behavior to him feeling like he could come home and kick the dog. Unfortunately, the dog was me. Hence the name