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Explore Complete Control, Android Kitkat and more!

Do you want to have complete control on your Smartphone? In Android KitKat you can see the RAM usage by each process running and can stop any process that you want.

Does navigating a downloaded file become a never ending task for you?

Can you guess what ‪#‎QMobile‬ has in store for you?

Leaving your Wi-Fi signal on will lower your data charges and will also drain your battery. Use Wi-Fi when you performing larger online tasks. ‪#‎AndroidTips‬

Are you aware of these Android Gmail shortcuts?

Is your phone’s speed slowing down? Android allows you to view how much processing power each open app is using.

Smartphones cannot go on forever. Sometimes in a while, give your smartphone a fresh restart. ‪#‎TechieTips‬

Android KitKat was the first branded name of an Android software. It smart, simple and yours truly. Get a closer glimpse:

Do you find difficulty in managing your battery power due to digging through your settings? Android has a nice built-in widget that lets you toggle Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, Brightness levels, and syncing with Google.