Nearly 100 years later, it became obvious the most cost-efficient and quality-driven option for continued growth would be a new facility. In September 2004, Reid Hospital & Health Care Services broke ground at its new location near North Chester Boulevard. After 10 years in the making and the opening of Reid Rehabilitation Center, the Medical Office Building and the Outpatient Care Center, Reid Hospital opened its doors in September 2008.

Bow Lane in the 1920s - Superlative collection of photos from around London - 1920-33. From the Museum of London, via Retronaut.

England's 20 worst learner drivers have attempted the practical test more than 700 times between them, it emerges.

1930. London Hippodrome. Musical Comedy Sons o' Guns, with Bobby Howes, Robert Hale, Mirielle Perrey. British production of the 1929 Broadway show.

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