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Remember this, it mooed!

Remember this, it mooed! And I was a weird kid afraid of it. I had a phobia of animal sound from a can. think I hated the idea of an animal trapped in a small can.

Thank you Clark's Shoes, my feet are still in good shape and I still buy Clark's shoes!

shoe shop for school - getting your feet measured. kinneys shoes remember that

It's good to be happy... remember when the sound of an ice cream truck could send you into a conniption fit of euphoria?

summer traditions

The ice cream man. Hear that jingly music of the truck coming slowly down the street and all the kids would run out to greet the ice cream man.

The Playlist.....Years ago

45 RPM records with a stacker = big time! I've still got a slew of 45 records and a record player to play them on.

hopscotch ... we only had one pair of shoes to last an entire school year, so we were in trouble if we wore the soles out from hopscotch

HOPSCOTCH - I remember watching (from the safety of the boys handball courts) the girls at my primary school play this game day after day and wondering how the heck it worked.

Can you believe It? Yes we had them and the chocolate wasn't even very nice. There were aĺso hard sugar ones with a glowing red end!

remember when we all smoked candy cigarettes? Disturbing by today's standards and educating kids about the health hazards of starting to smoke.