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Top 10 Packaging Projects & Articles

Start the week on a good note with our Top 10 Packaging Projects & Articles collected from last week.

Sitka Salmon Shares Seafood Box

CODO Design created cool, modern packaging and design for Sitka Salmon Shares, a company connecting family fishermen in Southeast Alaska with consumers in the Midwest.

Saana Hellsten | “Razors and shaving creams use highly gendered visual language. By the look of the product, you will know which razor is marketed towards women and which towards men. My project takes away the gendered design from the razors and shaving gels. Like the razors, shaving gels have highly gendered design, although the purpose is usually the same; to make the skin smooth. The project focuses more on the function by giving the option to choose the…

W!ld Ocean Fish

Seafood packaging that uses the fresh-fish-wrapped-in-newspaper feel that you get from real fresh fish markets.