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Gisele Bündchen, 33, Brazilian fashion model, actress and producer, former Victoria's secret angel, now goodwill ambassador for the UN's environmental program. An up and coming YAW (Young Ageless Woman).

Autumn ,Winter French Art Deco High Fashion Costume design illustrations.Vibrant ,classy images with beautiful ladies, birds,flowers, in black white ,red ,aqua blue ,teal colors .Cool ,modern and artistic collection for hair dresser,stylish hair stylist,theatrical make up artists,costumers,jewel designers,jewelry ,jeweler ,boutique owners,theater actresses,models,cosmeticians,cosmetologists,perfume,personal shoppers,wardrobe consultants,fashion designers, fashionista,entertainment…

(Open rp with Autumn) me and you met outside the castle, when we suddenly hear noises coming from the bushes. "What can that be?" Asks you, and I bow down, and pick up something "Aw... It was just a puppy" I say and show it to you "I wonder what it's doing here all by itself?"