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Cơm cháy chà bông

Cơm cháy chà bông

Cao Lau (High floor).   As one of the most famous dishes in Vietnam, Cao Lau is the combination of many different cultures. This dish origins in Hoi An, where was previously a busy trading port and had cultural exchanges between various regions. The noodles are as thick as Japan’s udon and the pork is quite similar to China’s while the broth and herbs carry the characteristic taste of Vietnam.

Street food in Vietnam receives the sentiment of domestic and international tourists. The article will introduce you Vietnam’s best street food.

381. Vietnamese grilled pork chops, Suong Nuong - Recipe

Vietnamese grilled pork chops, Suong Nuong A couple of months ago, I made Vietnamese grilled meat with rice vermicelli .

Các món Xôi | Bếp Rùa ♥ Hơi ấm gia đình tỏa ra từ gian bếp nhỏ

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Đùi ếch chiên bơ

Đùi ếch chiên bơ

Vietnamese Deep-fried Spring Roll (Nem) Vietnamese Deep-fried Spring Roll is a delicious dish on Tet traditional tray of foods in North Vietnam. This crispy and smelling roll is eaten with sweet and sour fish sauce dip become more and more popular among Vietnamese people and foreigners.

“Featuring a crispy shell with a soft veggie and meat filling, they’re dunked in a tangy sauce,” says the website about fried spring roll of Vietnam.

Thịt viên xốt chua  ngọt (5)

Thịt viên xốt chua ngọt (5)

Vietnamese Shrimp Toast – Banh Mi Tom Quet Nuong

Chef Kirsten Dixon's Thai shrimp toast, with a cosmopolitan twist, using Alaska side-stripe shrimp.