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love this! i have a friend who's a red-head. definitely need to say this to her when i see her next

The 23 Most Provocative Questions Posed By Philosoraptor

actually I'd be a ginger bread woman but details, details.

Electric Magic.

Moore Magic Mixer Why Beat It By Hand Funny Perverted Humor Nostalgic Vintage Collectable Tin Sign on Wanelo

I knew so many people in elementary all the way up to high school who wore this shirt!

FAMILY GUY Brian Free Sarcasm Navy Graphic Tee Shirt

Vampires reading Twilight. Specifically Anne Rice vampires.

Anne Rice vampires reading Twilight- this is impressively accurate to how I feel those boys would react. Wish they'd included Claudia- you know, before Armand experimented on her and then left her out to bake.

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