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❤️ liquid foundation TIP time ❤️ Shake it for 30 seconds before using BUT first- Empty the dropper completely otherwise you may be keeping extra foundation within the dropper that is not mixed up correctly ✨

Younique liquid foundation gets even darker- meet the new 3 colours !! Chenille, Suede, Georgette These colours also available as a powder and cream foundation & concealer

Choose your shade for liquid foundation and concealer and even if you done it wrong, Younique gives 14 days love it guarantee- 14 days to return or change your makeup

Work part time hours, make full time pay - FREE makeup and an amazing ‪#‎sisterhood‬ of support, advice and friendship. Amazing trip incentives and cash bonuses. Products you will love and be passionate about. Get paid within 3 hours of a sale! Sell on social media, even just using your phone! Have home parties and events if you'd like, but it's not necessary. Super easy! Let's do this!!

Still skeptical of the amazing coverage you get with the new Touch Concealer and Liquid Foundation? Maybe you should try it out for yourself ?

Did you know that every purchase made through a Younique presenter also supports the Younique foundation . The foundation is a retreat for sexually abused woman where they can go to begin their healing process We Uplift, Empower, and Validate each other. We are so much more than mascara ❤ Spoil yourself this Valentine's Day