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HD Wallpaper and background photos of Ood for fans of The Creatures of Doctor Who images.

doctor who monsters and aliens | ... Doctor Who monsters old and new, created by Millennium FX for the

In this week’s Radio Times, on sale Tuesday 26 March 2013 – Doctor Who – Matt Smith & Jenna-Louise Coleman, plus free Doctor Who Monster Wall chart….

Silence Energy

The Silence, once you look away you forget you saw them. Very scary

It's all speculation at this point, but there's a rumor that he's the REAL 9th regeneration, forgotten because of trauma from the Time War. #DoctorWho

doctor who anniversary poster The War Doctor

*when your bff is sick so you watch Who during lunch and people stare at your low budget aliens*

Just a quick question: am I the only one who thought last nights episode made like NO sense at all? It was just really confusing.

Doctor Who - avec un ood

Doctor who challenge day five - favorite alien. The Ood. They start off in the series being all scary looking and weird and by the end you just want to throw your arms around them and weep.

TV Review: Doctor Who Episode 3.06 “The Lazarus Experiment”