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from GQ

5 Best Celebrity Looks From Last Night

So many wonderful characters died in the HP books but Hedwigs death is the only one that the fandom as a whole cannot seem to accept.


Animal pictures of the week: 13 May 2011

Baby and mama

I don't care that I've already pinned this, but THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!! ✊ MYCROFT AND SHERLOCK NEED TO HUG ✊ MYCROFT AND SHERLOCK NEED TO HUG✊

from Hative

20+ Clever and Cool Old Book Art Examples

20 Clever and Cool Old Book Art Examples,,

The brotherhood. Sweet kittens obviously part of the same litter. Black cats bring good luck & love. <3 <3 <3

"Perhaps me and the boy should take her there" - Emma, Regina, Henry and Killian #OnceUponATime


Paw Print Charm

Oh c'mon!!! Adorable doesn't come much dinkier than this!

The little dandelion seeds will carry your wish off for you~And possibly grow more dandelions, but no worries about that.