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Passport stamps that have tourists travelling the globe for a marking

Ambitious trekkers who manage to get here deserve the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station's passport stamp

Grand Mosque, Kuwait. The Grand Mosque is the largest and the official mosque in the country of Kuwait. Its area spans 45,000 square metres, out of which the building itself covers 20,000 square metres.

New film tells photographer Sebastião Salgado's story

Light and dark: An iceberg shaped by the ocean between Paulet Island and the South Shetland Islands on the Antarctic Channel

Race to save Antarctic base: Research 'caterpillar' will ski to safety

The research station (pictured), which has been likened to a caterpillar because of its shape, was built on a floating ice shelf in the Weddell Sea, on the northwest corner of Antarctica

Tossing Paper Prayers . Tibet* Arielle Gabriel writes about miracles and travel in The Goddess of Mercy & The Dept of Miracles also free China toys and paper dolls at The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel *

‘Giant wetlands’ 800 metres beneath Antarctica ice sheet

Massive icebergs clog McMurdo Sound after breaking off from the Ross Ice Shelf in Antartica, October 2003. Lake Whillans is located under the Whillans Ice Stream at the southeastern edge of the Ross Ice Shelf in the west of the continent.

Passport stamps that have tourists travelling the globe for a marking

There is no official stamp for visitors travelling to Antarctica, however tourists can head to one of the various scientific stations on the continent to get a souvenir stamp

Revealed: The world's most erotic natural tourist attractions

This phallic iceberg was photographed by Andy Rouse in the Bransfield Strait near Antarctica