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Original of Saint George Statue at the Front of the Basel Münster (after 1356), Basel, Switzerland (MKK)

Front lacing. Germany Berlin - Bode Museum Prince 1390 Nurnberg

Heraldic Frocks - Full length armorial cotehardie, and cloak. Original Brass Monument South Acre, Norfolk 1384

Gothic Armor, late 15th century; extensively restored and completed ca. 1926. German and Italian. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Bashford Dean Memorial Collection, Bequest of Bashford Dean, 1928 (29.150.8a–q) | In this work, Dean’s goal was to create a late German Gothic armor, a type often considered the pinnacle of armor-making. Complete and homogeneous examples were nonexistent on the art market by Dean’s time.

Heel gaaf! Vooral de klotendolk achter zijn tasje vind ik een gaaf detail! En het plaatje op zijn maliën. Nice!

Huglin von Schoneck died 1377-86 Switzerland, Basel

Heiliger Georg zu Pferd (Heiliger Georg (Bergungsgut B106)) Datierung: um 1420 Ort: Franken; Nürnberg Material/Technik: Sandstein, farbig gefasst

Armor, ca. 1400 and later,Italian Steel, brass, textile "This armor was restored and assembled into its present form in about 1920. It is composed mostly of pieces from a unique hoard of armor discovered in 1840 in the ruins of a Venetian fortress at Chalcis on the Greek island of Euboea...The velvet covering on this brigandine was added during restoration of the armor. The...visored bascinet, was not part of the Chalcis find, but dates from about the same period."

Saint George Statue at the Front of the Basel Münster (after 1356), Basel, Switzerland

Breastplate Metropolitan Museum of Art Date: ca. 1530–35 Culture: German, Nuremberg