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For the ones living a lie Christian Church have lied to us

For the ones living a lie Christian Church have lied to us

look at this TRUTH!!!!! there needs to be one on EVERY HIGHWAY!!!

This Least&Last Witness of the Holy Spirit of knows his Master not by His face but by His beautiful feet!

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Blacks are hebrew and its a true fact.Read your bible KJV.WHY do you think we have been murdered and struggled for so long.because we are Gods chosen people.and the world of nonbelievers against us.lewrn of who you are.This is he biggest kep


2 Corinthians KJV Are they Hebrews? Are they Israelites? Are they the seed of Abraham?

This is WHY (Obama) KILLED him. Obama's Masters DID NOT want to see a reemergence of the BLACK MAN as he was 6,000 years ago. ISIS is BACKED by $money$ from Saudi Arabia, Weapons from the United Stats, and MEN from those FAKE ASS JEWS Special Forces in Israel and there next target Assad of Syria, Iran then North Korea and whoever defines their power, like France and the UK.

This late, controversial (Libya) African leader, had a big idea with huge ramifications. His gold-standard money plan, that would have been run by a consortium of African nations, would also have destroyed the US dollar and European currency.