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Desk Exercises To Make The Most Of Your Workday

Desk Exercises To Make The Most Of Your Workday Desks, office chairs, and cubicles don’t have to get in the way of getting in shape or working out a few kinks. In fact, you can even use them to your advantage. Just don’t get caught.

'Charge' Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband Tracker

Too Much Exercise Can Be Deadly For Heart Disease Sufferers

The claim: Physical activity is beneficial for those living with heart disease. But too much intense exercise may up your risk of death from a heart attack or stroke, finds a new study appearing in BMJ.

How to Tell if That Group Exercise Class is a Good Fit for You

Have 30 minutes to workout? Try this: 30 exercises for 30 seconds each, resting 30 seconds in between. Print it out, and take it to the park! Just grab a set of dumbbells or resistance bands. harder-better-faster-stronger-healthier-health-fit