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Favorite Fish Chowder

Favorite Fish Chowder Economics had a lot to do with what we ate when I was growing up in New Hampshire during the Depression. Money may have been scarce, but fish was plentiful and affordable, so that's how we began eating this dish. When meat rationing came along in World War II, fish chowder again became a staple in our household. Fortunately, my family loved still is one of my favorites!

I’ve shared a venison pastrami recipe with you in the past, but here’s a little different process that works well with multiple cuts of meat. Instead of utilizing a dry curing process, this recipe is for a brine I adapted from Ruhlman and Polcyn’s book Charcuterie. I dialed back the sweetness a little bit by omitting the white sugar and doubled the brown sugar. I also stuck with my original pastrami spice recipe which calls for garlic powder. I had several smaller pieces of flap meat cut…