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The Fantasy Art of Women: Fantasy Gifts #FantasyComics #NaughtyComicBooks

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The War of the Worlds (1953)

The War of the Worlds.. i saw beautiful roots going up a building near my school and automatically thought of this film with the creepy root like veins and eye catching red colours.

↳Fan made promo posters for The Originals. - the-originals-tv-show Fan Art

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This show is messed up. I love it!

Autumn Fae, not a Fae fan but I love the colour, the image of this photo. @Barbara Acosta Acosta Acosta Ziegler via Dino Tibaldi

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Mar and Lux - don't know what this is from but i like it and i'm going to find out

Rhaegar Targaryen - Game of Thrones Fan Art (37712020) - Fanpop

Labyrinth Guide - Devils by =Chaotica-I Fan Art / Digital Art / Painting & Airbrushing / Movies & TV ©2011-2012 =Chaotica-I

Fairy shadow box (I wonder if this is in an altered book, or made to look like one? that would make a cool frame!) I was looking for a shadow box to pin, wanted to remember to consider an indoor display in one - but found this - this is amazing! ********************************************* The Corsetted Fairy via tumblr - #fairy #shadow #box

The Duck Company hand carved wood penguins with animal welly boots. Gorgeous gifts for penguin fans - lovely natural home accessories, from DCUK