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Oda Nobunaga (japanese military commander). illustration by Kimiya Masago.

Oda Nobunaga. (japanese military commander, samurai). illustration by Kimiya Masago.

Oichi (Oda Nobunaga's sister). illustration by Kimiya Masago.

Xun Chen: When Yuan Shao warned Han Fu about the threat of Gongsun Zan, Han Fu asked Xun Chen for his advice. Xun Chen claimed that they could not stand against Gongsun Zan’s large army so advised that Han Fu should ask Yuan Shao for assistance in running the region and that Han Fu would be treated generously. Han Fu accepted his advice and would end up losing his power to Yuan Shao’s vassals. When Yuan Shao’s four main advisors where split on whether to support Liu Bei’s attack on Cao Cao…

Illustrator /Hiroyuki Suwahara. Illust of Oda Nobunaga ( Japanese Busyou. samurai ).

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